First you have to sign up with Tekkicart as a SELLER.
Go to -> BECOME A SELLER (right side in the header) -> Sign up as SELLER.

After that we need to verify your account sign up (up to 24 hours, most times faster). Once approved you can log in to your seller account (at the right side in the header) which leads you to your seller front end dashboard. From there you can manage your whole seller account.

While you log in the first time into the Seller Dashboard the Setup-Wizard comes up to assist you with your basic account/shop setup. You may chose to skip it and do the manual settings later.  It is recommended to complete the relevant settings in your dashboard before you start adding products.

If you want become a trusted verified seller, then you can opt for that from your Seller Dashboard. There you are able to send us some information for your verification process. After you pass this test you receive in Tekkicart a VERIFIED SELLER badge which shows buyers that you are a legit and by us verified seller which improves the trust in you. 

While visiting our online shopping platform you can browse through the items/articles of all sellers which are displayed on the main MARKETPLACE page. As alternative you select in the left navigation bar with filters of your choice the displayed product range (categories, location, store, price etc). You may also search and visit directly seller shops (in the main top navigaton SHOPS) were you will be redirected to this specific seller shops inside of Tekkicart. In this seller shop you can see only the items of this specific seller. Functions like “Wishlist”, “Favorites” or “Ask a question” expand your user experience.

After you are done and the items are in the cart, you can go to your CART in the top right corner of your screen. After overviewing your order you can procreed to the CHECKOUT where  the address for delivery and the mode of payment are waiting to be filled out. Please be aware that you need first to fill out your address before a correct calculation of shipping and payment options can be displayed.  The shipping and delivery options are managed by each shop individually. Multi-seller-orders will be calculated by each seller on their own with their respective fees.

Press the order button to begin the order process. If you choose Cash on Delivery (COD) then you pay the total amount after receiving your orders to the courier. If you choose Online Payment e.g. Gcash or Online Banking, then you see there already the information to which account numbers you can send the total amount to fulfill your payment. Please use your name and order confirmation number as remark. Your order will only be processed after successful online payment.

From this point on the seller prepares your order as fast as possible and send the items via Delivery Service on its way from store to door. When the items arrive with Cash on Delivery (COD) then you have to pay the total order amount to the Delivery Service provider. If you paid already with online payment e.g. Gcash or online bank transfer then congratulations and enjoy your order.

In case of late cancelation after your order is already in transit, you the buyer still have to pay the Delivery Fees according our Terms & Conditions which you agreed on with your order.

Yes – you can. But be aware that each additional seller in your order process generates additional fees, due to the fact that usually each seller sends the items out with their own Delivery Service Provider and from different locations. Please keep that in mind when ordering from more than one seller at once that the delivery fee is higher.

Several factors play into this. The factors could be how fast the seller can prepare the order for you, traffic, lack of drivers delivering out, distance, lack of stock etc.

Please be ensured that all sellers do their best to prepare and deliver your order as fast as possible. Usually the orders from the same city (after fully paid) take between 1 hour up to 3 hours, some may have next day delivery. Orders from other cities nationwide can take up to 2-5 days. If you feel it takes too long to get the status update of your order, then please contact the seller and state your order confirmation number including your name. The sellers contact details can be found on the order confirmation which you received by email after ordering or in the sellers Tekkicart store. If you don’t get infos back from your seller then please feel free to contact Tekkicart to assist you in this.

That can happen. You can cancel your order anytime. The best way is to reach out to the seller to cancel directly. Please state your order number and name. Seller contact details can be seen on the order confirmation or in his Tekkicart store.

If you cancel too late and the order is already on the way with the delivery service, then your order may be canceled and returned but you have to pay the Delivery Fees which occured as you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions while submitting your order. Please follow the terms and instructions of the seller.

The seller of the item(s) is responsible for Returns or Refunds. Each seller has his own Policies for this cases. Please read them together with the terms of their shop before you order.
In case of questions please contact the seller of the shop you ordered from.

If there are problems with a seller, delivery service or other occurances and it can’t be resolved by the seller then please contact Tekkicart from Monday – Saturday 9am – 4pm:
Phone: (+63) 0917 324 1724
or with private message in Facebook.

To contact the seller you can use email, the direct message (“Ask a Question” in the seller shop) or Support-Ticket in your order list of your dashboard.

We will do our best to assist you with your problems if it can’t be resolved by the seller.

Buyers are free of any service fees buying from our Seller-Shops.

Seller can sign up for free to use our Multi-Vendor-Platform and display products in their own Tekkicart-Shop with all available functions. The only fees we charge the seller are when items are sold. The Service Fee of currently 1% (any category – special promo up to further notice – after that the fee is 4.5% of the selling price) is paid by the seller to Tekkicart to maintain the service and operations we provide for sellers and advertise them on our Social Media. We present the items of our sellers on our easy-to-browse shopping platform, where buyers can search and order simply and conveniently from home without having to leave their house at good or bad weather. No stress with losing time in traffic and being out of home. All this for you from store to door: ordering, processing, managing, payment confirmations – a stress-free shopping experience for you and your buyers.

Marketplace Questons

We are an online marketplace where great products lay in wait for smart shoppers like you. You won’t have to leave your desk. The platform is in the Philippines nationwide available. Everyone can use our platform – Buyers, private sellers, vendors, companies, big and small businesses. Signing up as vendor is free to use your own store on Tekkicart. We charge only a small fee for transacted items. For Buyers is the usage of Tekkicart totally free – no sign up fee, no commissions, no service fee. 

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